Small Business SEO Strategies that Produce Big Results


       With smaller businesses there usually is a smaller budget. With that being said we realize that in order for you to run a successful business you will have to make every penny that you spend count. However, boosting your search engine rankings should never be looked upon as a luxury, it should be looked upon as a necessity instead. The days of radio and television advertising are over, everyone is online. That being said, without great search rankings how are new clients supposed to find you. In the post below, we are going to break down some budget-friendly Long Island SEO Service advice That will produce the results that your business is looking for.

                           Optimize your website

       Your actual website is the most valuable asset that one could own. No matter what you are selling could be any service. With people’s attention spans dramtically decreasing some people may look at your site and within the first few seconds, judging off of looks, make the decision on whether they want to move on too the next site or stay on yours. Think of it as the digital version of your store. The first step to truly optimizing your website for Long Island SEO Company is to make sure that every single title that you decide to put on your website is relevent to either your job, contact info, or your location. If your incorporating location also try and include any landarks or interesting distinctive locations in the area to set yousrelf apart.

                       Update All Business Listings

        Another great way to effectively increase your company’s SEO visibility is to continously add your business to as many business listings as you possibly can. Google and other search engines constantly go through these listings to look for updates. That being said if Google were to scan these listings and see your company on more and more listings Google will deem your site more valuable. If you haven’t done this in the past go through as many business listings as possible and check to see if there is any duplicate content, mistakes, or innaccurate information.

        If it seems possible try and “build out” your listings as much as possible. By “build out” I mean add social media links, photos, videos, and any other information that could help make your business stand out from the rest.

                          Develop a Link Strategy

        There are plenty of ways to obtain a higher domain. One of the most well known ways to do so is to get outside sources to link back to your website. However, what a lot of people try to do is put their links on a lot of unreliable websites. If there is one thing that I learned it’s that it’s better to have fewer links from reputable websites then have a bunch of links from websites that are not as reputable. It is better to commit yourself to sharing links on your website as well as different social media channels. In order to inspire more people to reach out to you, you may want to consider reaching out to other reputable places and see if they would be willing to. You can host, sponsor and even participate in events. Make a calendar of external links in order to have a leverage when your asking other people to link to you. Remember keep it as relevent as possible in other words, make sure that If you are linking to other sites do your best to link out to other sites that are relevant to your site.

                            Encourage Feedback

      User reviews are extremely important to any business not only when it comes to SEO but when it comes to customer aquisition as a whole. You can encourage getting feedback by having more call to action buttons on your website or by having an incentive for them to leave a commment, for example, “leave a 5 star review for a free inspection.”

      The better that your reviews are the more interaction you are going to get with not only your reviews but your website as well, the more traffic you get the better your rankings will be. Another tactic to increase traffic and rankings would be to make sure that you engage with ALL of the people that leave a review, whether it be good or bad. When you are active it gives potential customers a sense of authenticity and shows that you really do care about what your consumer is saying.

                                  Maximize Your Social Media

       As you may already know having social media presence is vital to every SEO strategy. Never before has one been able to attract so much attention to a brand for free. We are on the way out of an era where the only way to build attention to your brand was through television or a radio station. This could potentially cost the advertiser thousands, even millions, of dollars. Put out as much content as you possibly can including updates, reviews, specials, and product info.